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Adzuki Beans
Size: 500g   Adzuki beans are commonly used in asian style cooking and can be used i..
Organic Rice Malt Syrup
Organic Rice Malt Syrup is naturally produced from 100% organic brown rice. It is filtered, GMO f..
Rolled Barley
Size: 500g ..
Coconut Shredded
Size: 250g ..
Chia Seeds White
Size: 125g, 250g, 500g ..
Red Lentils
Size: 500g ..
Besan Flour
Size: 500g ..
Glace Apricots
Size: 125g, 250g ..
Gluten & Wheat Free Muesli
Size: 550g ..
Flaxseed Oil (Also known as Linseed Oil)
Size: 250ml ..
Bircher Muesli Blend
Size: 750g ..
Amaranth Puffed Cereal
Size: 200g ..
Rice Flour
Size: 500g ..
Linseed Meal
Size: 500g, 1kg ..
Blackeye Beans
Size: 500g ..